Senior full-stack engineer, Andrew Spode, discusses the use of Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind CSS is fantastic. I’ve met very few people that haven’t fallen in love with it almost immediately. Chances are if you’re reading this article — you’re one of them. However, unless you’re a full-on fanboy, you’ll also agree that it’s not perfect for everyone.

As a full-stack engineer and tech lead at iTech, I’m old enough — sorry — have enough experience, to remember when CSS was not in common use and all of your colours and sizes were added using attributes directly into the HTML element. …

One of the more recent activities my employer iTech Media has started running is called “Wavey Wednesday”, where volunteers run a 30 minute Zoom session of their favourite music for people to listen to while they work. Guess who volunteered this week?

Despite being a music lover and creator, my preference will always be for absolute silence, but as I discovered when working for wearable technology start-up Doppel, vibration, music and rhythm have a way of affecting your own natural cadence and ultimately changing the way you feel, so when I do listen to music — I try and make…

Andrew Spode

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